Saturday, December 11, 2010, 0 speaks

Perasaan Hasrad Dengki : it has been said, malays ni, PHD tinggi. and being a malay myself, i dont deny that (im not saying i have PHD tinggi, please). but because i do know people who have this jijikness. my parents have taught us well to not have ill feelings to those who have more. wealth, babes, cars, games, cash, watever la. they taught us to channel those feelings to jealousy towards admiration. yes, im jealous of those sportsmen get millions and millions of Dollars just by playing a sport that they like. but i takde la wish they should mati awal coz of that. as jealous as i am, i admire them, for being able to stick to what they like for so long. to perform at every game they played, to satisfy their fans, to bring honour to their country, etc etc. i know i couldnt do that. semua orang ada rezeki. its just in different aspects. some in wealth. some in health. some in education. some in love. some in looks. some get sooner. some get later. so why do you have to question whether orang tu punya wealth is from cara yang halal? tak semestinya semua orang kaya dapat duit from cara yang tak betul. you think you sorang dalam dunia ni yang baik? why do you have to find flaws on someone who is handsome/beautiful? they have good genes, nasib la kan. why do you have to kutuk orang yang pakai clothes or bags yang branded, or bawak kereta, or duduk kl? diorang dah berharta, suka hati diorang la. if they're the type yang bawak kereta besar, then tayang kat satu dunia, like "weh, i nak gi mamak bawak kete bmw." or "i pakai baju polo original ni. dont touch please". tu memang niat nak show off. so agak takleh blah, but then if that's the way they are, kutuk sbb poyo la. takyah kutuk sebab dia kaya. kan? rezeki dia, jangan question. attitude tu, boleh la. heheheee... but you get what im saying kan. we always have to wish for the best for people and ourselves. when you see those who are well off, never had to lift a finger to get what they want, then good for them. but we all know for a fact, sesenang mana orang tu, mesti ada susah gak. maybe dia tak smart, maybe dia kaki bengkok. who knows kan. and vice versa. sesusah mana orang tu, ada gak kesenangan dia. maybe dia ilmu banyak, maybe dia healthy. you get the gist. when people ask for help, you give as much as u can when u see fit. tuh jeh laa i nak bagi tahu . byebye :)
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